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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hey :D I enjoyed the song! It came off to me as a comparatively laidback and chill song. Some really cool sounds incorporated throughout. I really like the downward sweep/vocal thing at around 1:10. The vocal samples sound really clean, and are in a cool register.

I'm curious as to how you went about making that main wobble. Is there significant compression involved?

nice work ^^

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TorkKey responds:

Thanks for the comment! Glad you like it.

You know I can't give away my secrets!!!


(check your mail)

Epic Battle Epic Battle

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Really cool intro synth loops. I don't really like the "1..2..3..". It might be better if it was just a little lower volume. The following buildup from 00:15 until 00:42 has strong melodic potential. I like the slight automations you have.

You copied the drop bass from another song, right? I can't quite place it.. but the drop doesn't match the buildup you had going. I feel like the drop would have been much more powerful if you had gone in your own artistic direction rather than copying another. Also, you don't necessarily need the wobble on the drop. I've been experimenting with 8-bit elements in dubstep, and I feel that it's often stronger to just build a pretty sirty saw/square wave synth, and chug away huge bass melodies :)

I do agree with LazyBucks regarding what seems to be a "compressiony" sound on much of your synth sounds. Cool wind rise at 2:10. I feel like that section right there, actually, could be a crazily epic breakdown.

One big step for me was realizing that you don't always need drums. I would suggest maybe playing around with some more sections like 2:10 where you really minimalize the drums. That being said, they don't have to therefore be quiet. I like to have my drums relatively loud in the mix. I would also personally have your sub bass sitting higher in the mix, noticeable so after 2:10.

Perhaps there is a bit too much reverb on your higher/lead synth throughout most of 2:xx. It kind of fills up the frequency spectrum. I think it might be cool to leave some of that space open either as empty space, or for a soft pad.

The way to get this piece to bangin' status is to first take a look at the overall mix levels and effects. Your drums definitely need to come up in comparative volume. You definitely need less reverb on your detuned leads.

Otherwise, you have some really strong elements here. I feel like you're on the way to coming out with some much larger productions. Let me know when you release your next song if you want me to take another listen :)

sorry if I rambled!

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Chelnov responds:

Thanks a lot for your review. :)
One of my intentions here is to have this kind of reviews from you guys.
That's how i'll learn what to change and master on my future tracks.
The bass drop was somehow product of an analysis i did of a dubstep song.
I couldn't just copy the bass line from the song...that wouldn't be nice.
The notes are not the same.
I'll definitely want another review from you.